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North West Branch

Welcome to the Home Page of the North West Branch of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

Chairman: Dr Edmund Chadwick (University of Salford)
Treasurer: Dr Steven Lind AMIMA (University of Manchester)
Secretary: Ms Margaret Eastwood (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Committee: Dr Danielle Bewsher (University of Central Lancashire)
  Dr Edmund Chadwick FIMA (University of Salford)
  Dr Ron Knott (University of Surrey)
  Professor David Percy (University of Salford)
  Mr John J. Reynolds CMath MIMA (Retired)
  Dr Philip Sinclair (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  Mr Mike Tanner (Mitan Limited)

Branch Events

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All meetings are in The John Dalton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 5GD UNLESS otherwise stated.

Archive of North West Branch events

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