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Whether or not you feel that the UK government has delivered on its promises for improving education, be assured that the IMA Education Services Area (ESA) is active in promoting mathematics education at secondary and tertiary levels.

The IMA is a member of the Joint Council of Mathematics (JMC) and we inform the deliberations of the Advisory Committee for Mathematical Education (ACME). We operate through two committees:

  • The Higher Education Services Area (HEdSA)
  • The Schools and Further Education Group (S&FE) Group

For further details of the work of these committees follow the appropriate links.

The IMA is uniquely placed to comment on this range of activities. Members of the IMA work in Schools, Colleges and Universities and also in Industry, Commerce and Government Service, and so the Institute has access to information and opinion from many sectors of national life. 

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Individuals in secondary schools, Colleges of Further Education and Higher Education Institutes in the UK can apply for a grant to help with the costs of running or attending an educational activity relating to mathematics Education Grant Scheme »