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Classroom Resources

The links on this page are related to mathematics, science or the work of the Institute in some way. They are provided for your convenience only, the Institute and the authors do not accept any responsibility for the contents.

'101 uses of a quadratic equation'
By Chris Budd CMath FIMA and Chris Sangwin MIMA Students, parents, politicians and some teachers often ask, what's the use of learning about abstract maths such as quadratic equations. In this talk I show that quadratic equations have played a pivotal role in the development of human civilisation and are vital to modern technology.

'Dancing with mathematics'
By Chris Budd CMath FIMA and Chris Sangwin MIMA
Symmetry is all around us, and is the basis of much of our art and music. In this talk I'll introduce you to the maths of symmetry. We will then show how the same maths can be used to construct some dances. With the aid of music, the talk will evolve into a dancing session.

Maths at Work Famous Mathematicians
By Nigel C. Steele CMathFIMA
When considering the contributions of mathematicians of the past to the modern world, it is useful to distinguish between the contributions which help us to understand mathematics, and those which help us to use it to solve practical problems.
Maths at Work History of Computing
The history of technology can be traced back to the invention of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine in 1837. This invention anticipated virtually every aspect of present-day computers.
'How maths can make you rich and famous'
By Chris Budd CMath FIMA
I'll show you how you can become rich and famous by cracking hard maths problems. These include learning how to organise the perfect party and how (or not) to predict the weather.
Jaguar Target Tracking Jaguar Target Tracking
By Huw Williams CMath FIMA, Jaguar Engineering
Large Maths Outreach Kit Large Maths Outreach and Careers Kit
Developed by the IMA as part of the National HE STEM Programme. The Kit consists of seven large hands on activities which could be a focus of a stall at a science fair or careers event.
Mathematics in Engineering

Mathematics in Engineering
By Weir Clear Liquid Division

Maths in a Box Maths in a Box
The box contains resources which aim to encourage the uptake and further study of maths and are suitable from key stage 3 right up to key stage 5. These materials have been tried and tested in schools around England and Wales as part of the government-funded More Maths Grads project.
Classroom Resources More Maths Grads in a Box HE Edition 
The box has been designed to help universities who want to work with schools to promote interest in mathematics. It contains resources that tackle questions school students ask such as "What is the point of maths?" or "Why should I carry on studying it?" These materials have been tried and tested in schools around England and Wales and as part of the More Maths Grads project.
Small Maths Outreach Kit Small Maths Outreach Kit
Developed by the IMA as part of the National HE STEM Programme. This small briefcase sized kit contains a number of small hands on activities. The items are designed to be used on a stand where people might visit for five minutes or so.