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A wide range of publications are available. Mathematics Today is sent to all members as part of their subscription. Most other publications are offered to members with a discount on the retail price. Subscriptions to Mathematics Today are also available to institutions.

Annual Report

The IMA Annual Report is available to download.

Conference Proceedings

Details of conference proceedings published by or on behalf of the Institute. Books for sale and how to submit papers to books in preparation.


The Institute has eight journals, all published by Oxford University Press. Electronic versions of all the IMA journals are available on the internet by various means, including mobile devices like smart phones.  

Mathematics Today

Mathematics Today is a general interest mathematics publication aimed primarily at Institute members. Institute members receive six issues per year, in February, April, June, August, October and December, as part of their membership subscription.


The Efficient use of Qualitry Control Data by Kenneth W. Kemp CMath FIMA
The book presents simple statistical decision rules used initially to control the quality of industrial processes. These rules are used to describe concepts and the practical consequences of the use of statistical quality control.

Other Publications

Most-Perfect Pandiagonal Magic Squares

Their construction and enumeration
by Kathleen Ollerenshaw and David Brée.

This book gives a method of construction and enumeration of all pandiagonal magic squares of a class known as 'most-perfect'. Pandiagonal magic squares have the integers in all rows, all columns and all diagonals adding to the same sum. Characteristically, all integers come in complementary pairs along the diagonals and the integers in any 2 x 2 block of four add to the same sum. This is the first time, in thousands of years of mathematical experience that a method of construction has been found for a whole class. Formulas are given for the enumeration of all most-perfect squares, however large. Published by the IMA. An order form can be downloaded below.

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Download Most-Perfect Pandiagonal Magic Squares [Word]

Download Most-Perfect Pandiagonal Magic Squares [PDF]


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