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The Institute has eight journals, all published by Oxford University Press. Electronic versions of the journals are available.

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Transactions of Mathematics and its Applications: A Journal of the IMA

Editiors: A. Iserles, University of Cambridge, R. E. Goldstein, University of Cambridge, A. Goriely, University of Oxford, T. J. Lyons, University of Oxford, R. S. MacKay, University of Warwick, P. A. Markowich, University of Cambridge, S. Osher, University of California Los Angeles, E. Tadmor, University of Maryland

Aims and scope
The journal covers the entire breadth of contemporary applied mathematics and its aspiration is to publish only papers of the highest quality and relevance. It is led by a distinguished international Editorial Board, combining excellence across applied mathematics. TrMA is an Open Access journal: a more comprehensive explanation of our Open Access model and of our aspiration to be a “prime journal” in Applied Mathematics can be found at the journal’s website.

Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA

Information and InferenceEditors: Robert Calderbank, Duke University, David Donoho, Stanford University, John Shawe-Taylor,  University College London and Jared Tanner, University of Oxford.

Aims and scope
This journal aims to publish high quality mathematically-oriented articles, furthering the understanding of the theory, methods of analysis, and algorithms for information and data. Articles should be written in a way accessible to researchers in the associated topics in pure and applied mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, and electrical engineering. Articles are published in, but not limited to: information theory, statistical inference, network analysis, numerical analysis, learning theory, applied and computational harmonic analysis, probability, combinatorics, signal processing, and high-dimensional geometry.

For more information contact Jared Tanner: .

IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics

IMA Journal Applied Maths coverEditors: Alan R. Champneys, University of Bristol, Demetrios T. Papageorgiou, Imperial College, London and Yibin B. Fu, University of Keele.
ISSN 0272-4960
6 issues per year, in both hard copy and electronic format
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Analytic and numerical treatments of both physical and non-physical applied mathematical problems, including those arising in industry, are published in this journal. Papers on new developments of existing mathematical methods, especially those that have relevance to more than one field of application and also new mathematical methods suggested by particular applications are also included. Longer papers survey recent progress in topical fields of mathematics and its applications. Two volumes are published each year, and each volume consists of three issues.

IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis

IMA journal num analysis coverEditors: Endre Süli, Oxford University Computing Laboratory and Arieh Iserles, University of Cambridge.
ISSN 0272-4979
4 issues per year, in both hard copy and electronic format
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The journal publishes original contributions to all fields of numerical analysis. Articles which treat the theory, development or use of practical algorithms and interactions between these aspects are welcomed. Occasional survey articles are published. One volume is published each year, and this volume consists of four issues.

Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA

IMA Journal Math Medicine Biology coverEditors: Oliver E. Jensen, University of Manchester, John R. King, University of Nottingham and James P. Keener, University of Utah.
ISSN 0265-0746
4 issues per year
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Progress in research in medicine and biology increasingly depends on the use of mathematical models. The journal seeks to stimulate mathematics in medical and biological research with emphasis upon the special insights and enhanced understanding which arise from the use of mathematics. Original papers of an expository nature are encouraged. One volume is published each year, and this volume consists of four issues.

IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information

IMA Journal MCI coverEditors: Nicos Karcanias, City University and Sarah Spurgeon, University of Kent.
ISSN 0265-0754
4 issues per year
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Substantial papers on mathematical control theory, systems theory and applied information sciences are published in this journal. A prime function of the journal is to encourage the interplay between control and information theory and other mathematical sciences though the publication of interdisciplinary studies and the application of mathematical techniques to control and information systems problems. One volume is published each year, and this volume consists of four issues.

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics

IMA Journal Man Maths CoverEditors:Philip Scarf, University of Salford, Rogemar Mamon, The University of Western Ontario and Aris Syntetos, Cardiff University.
ISSN 1471-678X
4 issues per year
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The journal publishes papers in which mathematics and mathematical modelling play a central role in addressing problems of industry, commerce, business or government.


Teaching Mathematics and its Applications: an International Journal of the IMA

IMA Journal TMA coverEditors: Duncan Lawson, Newman University, Christopher Sangwin, University of Birmingham and Anne Watson, University of Oxford.
ISSN 0268-3679
4 issues per year
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The journal provides mathematics teachers in secondary and tertiary education with interesting and stimulating material which can be used in their teaching. Articles showing applications of mathematics which can be taught and articles seeking to enhance the teaching of mathematics are encouraged. One volume is published each year, and this volume consists of four issues.


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