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Maths Careers

The IMA has a website on careers in mathematics called Maths Careers.


The Maths Careers website provides a single starting point for people of all ages to find out where mathematics, statistics and operational research can lead, whatever their level. School children from age 11 upwards, undergraduates, graduates and adult learners are all catered for.

The site aims to help everyone associate maths with the real world and features a wide range of people using maths in their work, from theatre design to climate change modelling and designing computer games, along with clear links to finding out more about these careers.

It has themes including Environment, Health & Society, Business & Money, Entertainment, Science & Technology and Sport. Each theme is divided into age groups, with a range of regularly changing topical articles to enthuse and excite young people about maths in the world around us.

There are sections for teachers and careers advisers with a wide range of downloadable resources and maths activities and quizzes, together with links to other great resources – all suitable for use in the classroom or at home to enthuse and inform about maths. In addition it has an I Love Maths section containing material showing the beauty and elegance of maths, with a bit of added humour.

The site is managed by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications on behalf of the maths community, and contains much more than the importance and relevance of maths in careers.

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