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IMA International Conference on Barriers and Enablers to Learning Maths: Enhancing Learning and Teaching for All Learners

Date: 10 – 12 June 2015
Location: University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland


List of papers
Papers listed in order of presentation

Session 1 Effective Practice

Supporting Freshmen through Diagnostic e-Assessments and e-Learning Packages
K.F. Hung, S.C. Choy, K.H. Chung and C.K. Chan

A tale of two very different Mathematics Support Centres at two very different universities
J. Nicholas, L. Rylands, C. Coady, L. Armstrong, H. Dhindsa, S. McGlynn, J. Nicholls, J. Pettigrew, D. Shearman

Why 'what works' doesn't work in practice, and what might work better
A. Watson

Effective Differentiation; where a growth mindset meets the ZPD
Y. Reilly, J. Parsons

Maths Diagnostic Testing - Beyond Diagnostics
C. Patel

Session 3 Inclusive Practice

Language as a Barrier to Learning Mathematics
M. Prendergast; F. Faulkner; C. O’Hara

Creating and evaluating an online glossary of curriculum terms for maths for deaf learners who use British Sign Language
K. O’Neill, A. Cameron, G. Quinn, R. O’Neill

Maths for Blind People:  Not reinventing the wheel ... crooked
M. Hersh

Speech Interfaces for Mathematics : Opportunities and Limitations for Visually Impaired Learners
D. Attanayake, J. Denholm-Price, G. Hunter, E. Pfluegel, A. Wigmore

Session 4 Special Session: Addressing mathematics & statistics anxiety

Addressing mathematics & statistics anxiety by enhancing self-belief
M.  Kotecha

Addressing mathematics & statistics anxiety by individual support
S. Strawbridge

Combating maths anxiety by using history
M. Walker

Session 5 Pedagogies and Methods

Developing an Innovative Curriculum and Teacher Pedagogy for Nurturing a Positive Disposition towards Learning and Using Mathematics in Post 16 Students in England – ‘Critical Maths’         
T. Dawson, S. Lee

Teaching and Assessing with New Methodological Tools (Merlo):  A New Pedagogy?
F. Arzarello, R. S. Kenett, O. Robutti, U. Shafrir, T. Prodromou, P. Carante

Enabling Access to A Level Further Mathematics Across England via Blended Learning – ‘Lil Fm’
R. Butler, T. Button, S. Lee

Crossing the Threshold: epistemological obstacles and pedagogic circumventions
J. Mason

Assessment of Complex, Non-Structured Mathematical Problems
B. Divjak

Session 7 Training and Teachers

Scenario Based Training of Statistics Support Tutors
A. Owen, E. Marshall, S. Smith

Session 8 Special Session:  Student Engagement

The use of video and screen casts to engage and support the learner and promote mathematical thinking
N.-A. Bradshaw

Enabling pupils; enabling teachers: how a national intervention programme changed maths teaching and learning in an Irish primary context

Session 9 Special Session: Enhancing engagement - maths & stats

Teaching maths for economics
A. L. Ariza Jimenez

Social Media v Blackboard Discussion Forums in Teaching and Learning Mathematics
V. Perisic

Syncretic approach to teaching and learning mathematics
L. Fradkin

Online Practice in Mathematics and Statistics. A model for community collaboration
B. Foster               

Session 10 STEM

Using social media to promote deep learning and increase student engagement in the College of Science & Engineering
S. Ahmed, S. Honeychurch

Using e-Assessment to promote engagement in Engineering Mathematics
K. Henderson, R. Gwynllyw, A. Hooper and A. Palipana               

CalculEng for Virtual Mathsaid : The Development and Evaluation of a Set of On-Line Tutorial Resources for Elementary Calculus
M. Davis, J. Dhanbhoora, G. Hunter & W. Wiesyk

Experiences of using Audio Feedback in Engineering Mathematics Modules
K. Durkacz and E. Mowat