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Staff contact details

The Institute has a secretariat based at Catherine Richards House, in Southend. The Executive Director is the head of paid staff and responsible for the secretariat. His role is to advise Council, its officers and committees, and to make sure their decisions are implemented.

David Youdan 
Executive Director

+44(0)1702 354020

Dr John Meeson 
Assistant Director

+44(0)1702 356121

Lizzi Lake 
Conference Officer

+44(0)1702 356102

Pam Bye
Conference Support Officer

+44(0)1702 356114

Rebecca Waters
Editorial Officer, Mathematics Today

+44(0)1702 356111

Karen Hedderley 
Administration Officer, Mathematics Today and Finance

+44(0)1702 356114

Vanessa Thorogood 
Education Manager

 +44(0)1702 356108

Lucy Dunford
Administration Assistant, Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships, Conferences

+44(0)1702 354020

Alison Penry 
Executive Manager

+44(0)1702 356107

Gemma Reeves
Services Officer, Council and Executive Board

+44(0)1702 356112

Lynda Jones MAAT
Finance Manager

+44(0)1702 356110

Caroline Irwin 
Membership Manager

+44(0)1702 356103

Natalie Stanton 
Membership Officer

+44(0)1702 356104

Lisa Hart 
Membership Assistant

+44 (0)1702 356104

Eugene Kidwell
Services Officer, Buildings, IT, Data Protection, IMA and MathsCareers Websites

+44(0)1702 356115

Joanna Baldacci
Services Officer, Publications and MathsCareers Website

+44(0)1702 356109

Debbie Sullivan 
Administration Officer, Publications and IMA Website

+44(0)1702 356120

Erica Tyson 
University Liaison Officer

07970 865720