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We are pleased that you have visited our website and hope you are already a member. If you are not, we should really like you to join.It is very easy to become either an Associate Member (if you have a degree in mathematics) or an Affiliate (if you haven't). Depending on your qualifications and experience, there are other levels of membership so undoubtedly there is one to suit you.

You will find that our members are mostly mathematics graduates working in industry, business, the public sector, education or research. About ten percent of our members live outside the UK.

Why Join?

The benefits of membership are highlighted here.

Who are our Members?

Breakdown of our membership plus a selection of membership profiles

Membership Grades

Guidance on choosing the right grade of membership.

How to join or change grade

Details and application forms to apply for Membership, Change of Grade or Chartered Mathematician designation.

Membership Rates

Details of our current membership rates.

Becoming Chartered

Professional designations: CMath, CMathTeach, CSci.

Contact Membership Department

Contact details for our Membership Team.