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Press releases 2006

  • More Mathematics Graduates

    10 October: The mathematics community has been awarded £3.3 million by the government to ensure the next generation of students includes enough graduates in the mathematical sciences.

  • STEM – don’t leave maths out in the cold

    October: The government is in danger of undermining its own efforts to boost the science base in the UK, according to the group which represents the mathematics and statistics community.

  • Catastrophe mathematician receives David Crighton Award

    4 October: Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman FRS has been awarded a unique medal to recognise his contribution to both mathematics and to the mathematics community.

  • Need some help with your maths?

    19 September: Journalists, writers and broadcasters who are having trouble with mathematics stories now have somewhere to turn for help. The Mathematics Promotion Unit (MPU) has a new spokesperson who can help with those tricky maths problems, such as finding a media friendly mathematician or providing facts and figures on what’s going on in the maths world.