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Press releases 2007

  • Recognising mathematics communicators

    December: The first award dedicated to recognising excellence in the communication of mathematics has been launched by the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Christopher Zeeman Medal.

  • Select Committee Silent on Funding - Bologna: the Bottom Line

    2 May: The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) welcomes Monday’s release of the House of Commons Education and Skills Committee’s report on the Bologna Process (30 April 2007), and its emphasis that the aim of the Process is to create comparability and compatibility – rather than homogenisation – of higher education systems across a European Higher Education Area.

  • More Mathematics Graduates

    23 April: Over 100 experts from education, industry and politics gathered in London today to launch a project aimed at tackling one of the trickiest problems in mathematics.

  • Joint EPSRC and Council for the Mathematical Sciences Press Release - Why Maths Matters

    21 February: These are just some of the areas where mathematics has a direct impact on our lives and in many cases, is the key to addressing and solving the complex challenges facing society today.

  • Students are falling in love with mathematics again

    15 February: The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) welcomes new figures released yesterday that show mathematics is becoming one of the most popular subjects for students applying for a place at university.

  • Ensuring that all pupils can choose two maths GCSEs

    2 February: The Council for the Mathematical Sciences strongly supports today’s warning by the Advisory Council on Mathematics Education (ACME) of the possible unintended consequences of the new mathematics GCSEs. In particular, it welcomes the call for at least 60 per cent of pupils being entered for both qualifications when they are rolled out nationally in 2010.