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Press releases 2011

  • The Vorderman report recognising mathematics is critically important

    9 August: The Institute welcomes Carol Vorderman's report – A world-class mathematics education for all our young people – on the health of mathematics education in this country. Her team have produced an in depth analysis of the problems and identified many of the causes for concern. The report is correctly inclusive and calls for a world-class mathematical education for all young people, and recognises that the needs of all learners cannot be met with a single curriculum in mathematics.

  • Exceptional mathematics communicator honoured with prestigious award

    7 July: The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) and the London Mathematical Society (LMS) are delighted to announce that Professor John Barrow, FRS, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge will receive the Christopher Zeeman Medal for the Promotion of Mathematics to the Public.

  • Abel Prize 2011 - Rewarding simplicity and beauty in mathematics

    23 March: Today, the President of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Øyvind Østerud, announced that Professor John Willard Milnor, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Stony Brook University, New York has been awarded the 2011 Abel Prize ‘for pioneering discoveries in topology, geometry and algebra’.