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Mathematics of Planet Earth

Scientific societies, universities, research institutes, and foundations all over the world have banded together to dedicate 2013 as a special year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth.

Our planet is the setting for dynamic processes of all sorts, including the geophysical processes in the mantle, the continents, and the oceans, the atmospheric processes that determine our weather and climates, the biological processes involving living species and their interactions, and the human processes of finance, agriculture, water, transportation, and energy. The challenges facing our planet and our civilization are multidisciplinary and multifaceted, and the mathematical sciences play a central role in the scientific effort to understand and to deal with these challenges.

The mission of the MPE project is to:

  • Encourage research in identifying and solving fundamental questions about planet earth
  • Encourage educators at all levels to communicate the issues related to planet earth
  • Inform the public about the essential role of the mathematical sciences in facing the challenges to our planet.

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is a Mathematics of the Planet Earth partner with a planned special issue of Mathematics Today to adopt Mathematics of Planet Earth as its theme. In January 2013 the East Midlands Branch meeting will be on the topic of mathematics of epidemics and in March the IMA Mathematics 2013 Conference will focus on the Mathematics of Planet Earth, including talks on climate, education, energy and demography.

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